Sawtooth Hotshot's Update-

Hiring for the 2014 fire season has concluded. There are other opportunities on the forest and interested candidates are encouraged to call our Forest Recruitment Coordinator for more information.

We will begin to update our Daily Workout page to provide crewmembers a look into the permanent staff's routine.


Updates- Follow the permanent staff's
Daily Workout.

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Welcome to the unofficial Sawtooth Hotshots web page

      This web page is strictly unofficial and is privately owned and maintained. For official information please go to the Sawtooth National Forest web page.



Sawtooth Hotshot Mission-

       Provide a safe, professional, mobile, and highly skilled hand crew for all phases of wildland fire operations. As a full service organization we will strive to go above and beyond expectations through hard work and commitment to excellence. As a crew we will persevere.


The Job

       The interagency hotshot crew is a fully equipped, response ready, twenty-person team with a primary purpose of wild land fire suppression.  Hotshot crews are also available for all risk types of assignments (natural and national disaster relief).  Regardless of the specific assignment, work consists of extended periods of physically demanding labor under difficult environmental conditions.  Because of their high-level organization, training and capabilities, hotshot crews find themselves assigned to the most demanding tasks.  Assignment to emergency incidents requires extensive travel.  Hotshot crews can and do travel to all regions of the U.S. and are available for international requests for assistance.  Living conditions while on assignments are primitive.  Hot meals, soft beds and bathing are not high priorities.  Field assignments away from home base can extend beyond a month.  Daily work shifts can be 16 hours in length and in some instances much longer.  Routine sleep deprivation is probable.  When not assigned to an emergency incident, the crew will undertake various work projects in support of natural resource management programs.  Unassigned time may be dedicated to training.


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