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Daily Workout.

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Daily Workout

- Use this page to gauge your fitness with the overhead staff.

- These workouts are only one element of the full fitness program.

- Add additional strength and cardio to fit your specific needs.


Date of Workout
Workout description
Total Time

Zues: 3 rds for time; 30 wall balls 20#, 30 sumo deadlift high pull 75 lb, 30 box jumps, 30 push press 75#, 250 m row, 10 squat at body weight

20 Min. row; 5315 m
50 of all; Thrusters 95#, Burpees, GHD Sit up, KB swing, Decline pushup, Knees 2 Elbow, Wall Ball 20#, Back Ext, Jumping Pullup

Biking Tabatas: 20 sec of work followed by 10 sec of rest
4 min of tabatas w/ 4 min rest
3 min of tabatas w/ 3 min rest
2 min of tabatas w/ 2 min rest
1 min of tabatas w/ 1 min rest

CINDY (AMRAP in 20 min)
5 pull - 10 push - 15 situp


150 flights of stairs on stairmaster with 45lb weight vest
ZS: 29:10
KW: 29:13

185lb Deadlift/ Burpees


20 AMRAP: 15 situps, 15 pushups

Hill Sprints @ Twin Falls Falls
3 full laps, 3 half laps

22 rounds

3:00 min full laps
1:00 min half laps

Breathing Ladder: 60 sec sprint w/ 60 sec rest, 60 sec sprint w/ 50 sec rest, 60 sec sprint w/ 40 sec rest, etc.... Continue this until 10 seconds of rest then work back up the ladder to 60 seconds rest.

2.5 miles


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